Andy Warhol's replica Rolex watches is auctioned

Andy Warhol is undoubtedly one of the most iconic personalities of the last decades: with his irreverent and visionary pop art he has conquered the international art scene, still influenced by his works, and at the same time he has become a public figure replica watches uk admired for each of his extravagant stylistic choice.

No wonder then, if, more than thirty years after his death, collectors compete to grab at least one of his belongings. After the printing of an artist's gun, sold by Phillips at 9 and a half million dollars, one of the most precious accessories Warhol ever wears is about to enter the market, at a more "affordable" price than the aforementioned weapon from fire: it is a replica Rolex watches, whose auction base is 300 thousand dollars.

The precious timepiece is a fake Rolex Chronograph in pink gold, which will be made available to bidders early next month during the sale of replica watches organized by Christie's in Geneva. Warhol's is just one of many well-known names associated with fake watches for this season, and its inclusion highlights today's exclusivity with regard to collecting vintage watches.

Suffice it to say that one of the other noteworthy names in the upcoming Christie's auction is that of Jean-Adrien Philippe, co-founder of the company, whose pocket watch will be sold between 50 thousand and 100 thousand dollars. But, although Warhol's replica watch is one of the most expensive pieces, it will certainly be one of the fastest-selling replica watches at a more exorbitant price: regardless of the prestige of the object, collectors calculate its value based on the history that take it with you. And we are certain that selling replica watches, given the controversial character of the artist, that watch has lived many adventures out of the ordinary.