Light blue strap made of nylon Velcro-replica watches

"Do we make two curves?" The invitation comes from Alexis Pinturault and Ester Ledecka, one of the youngest ambassadors who joined the Richard Mille family. "Willingly, even if when I am starting the first you will already be at the shelter".

Here dominates the white playground. The air stings the face replica watches, the landscape extends as far as the eye can see. An unforgettable experience awaits us, which Richard Mille has prepared exclusively for GQ.

Destination of the international jet set, with its 600 km of slopes, Courchevel is the largest and most exclusive ski area in the world, even before Sainkt Moritz and Aspen. Here the upper class meets, sending the children to ski lessons from teachers who speak 13 languages, including Chinese.

Thus, between a range of the best Savoyard cuisine and the other five-star Annapurna, the hotel of the Pinturault family, we discover the second home of the French champion. We are at 1,850 meters and no one knows what the queue is for the ski pass replica watches, which is delivered directly to the room. To be on the slopes, just go down the elevator to the ground floor: the ski lift is in front of the entrance.

But Alexis is not one who gets bewitched by the sweet life. His strength is optimism, discipline and constant training. For this reason the athlete has chosen a Richard Mille watch from which he never separates, not even during competitions: the RM 67-02 Alexis Pinturault has the colors of the French flag inside the dial, the quartz case and white tpt and the light blue strap, made of nylon velcro.

"My replica watch has everything I want. It resists the cold and is very light replica watches, for me it would not have been possible to wear a heavy one. This summer I will go to see how it is made. "

For Pintu, winning is the only thing that matters. In his Palmarès there are three Olympic medals, four world medals and 23 podiums in five disciplines of the World Cup. The last gold is this year, at the World Championships in Åre, in the men's combined. For him, as for Ester Ledecka, overcoming is everything replica watches. They know that in the race you can't improvise: they pull the curves up to 100 per hour and have an ambitious personality that comes from the commitment to improve. «For me sport is an attitude. It has educated me to respect myself and others , it's really a lifestyle and I think it can help people a lot, "says the athlete.

The two multifaceted talents, who studied rigorously to become champions, seduced Richard Mille. The accessories they choose are technical and comfortable: for this reason the watch they wear is in harmony with the elegant environment in which we are immersed.

And here is Ester Ledecka: stop, with her mouth open, staring incredulously at the board, along with the whole world. It is the symbolic image of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics: the athlete is gold in the Super-G. The following week he will make the fastest time in the world also in the parallel giant slalom in snowboarding, entering history: no woman had managed replica watches to win two titles in the same edition of the Winter Olympic Games.

«Come on! Honestly, I love them both! »Replies Ester when we ask her if she prefers snowboarding or skiing. «I like to practice them together. Probably if I chose only one of the two I would get bored. And I don't want to get bored », continues the champion. Together with two athletes engaged in redefining the concept of sport. They are not afraid of time and speed is on their side. «Time is my best friend. It gives replica watches me so many emotions and, whether good or bad, emotions are important in life. When I ski I'm completely focused on the moment, I don't think of anything else. It's all about the moment. If I think about what I have to do, time is already over. I live here and now, like animals, "says Alexis.